Top 5 Books to Read as an Entrepreneur

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We are living through a time of unprecedented disruption. While this has created a climate of massive uncertainty and insecurity, it’s also likely to herald exciting developments and advances in the worlds of science and technology. New start-ups are emerging on the scene, launching tech-focused initiatives that address social and industry challenges and have the … Continued

How will COVID-19 impact startup funding?

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Startups have been at the heart of venture capital funding for the past few years, and expectations were high at the start of 2020. The last 24 months saw more than 25,000 global startups funded annually, with 2019 being the second-highest for invested dollars in the last decade. But as COVID-19 threatens our physical and … Continued

Tech transfer and COVID-19: revolutionising the nature of research

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The COVID-19 virus has affected every sector and institution, leaving many uncertain about their future. As many SMEs and startups stop their operations, governments, organisations, and industries are working hard to find a vaccine – with technology acting as the driving force that pushes us closer to our goal.   We are faced with a … Continued