Dec 14, 2022 - Dec 14, 2022
10:00H - 13:30H
Online & Pier 01 (Mobile World Capital Barcelona Headquarters)

Once a year, The Collider's latest batch of deep-tech projects present to an invite-only audience of investors and venture building experts.

This is a exclusive event only for invited investors. It doesn't have a public registration procedure.

Projects are assessed on the business potential of their technological innovations: value proposal, market, roadmap, financial forecast and team.

This opens a new chapter for the successful projects in the MWCapital's portfolio of start-ups

The location of the three sectoral sessions is as follows:

  • MWCapital Multipurpose Hall: Sector C, floor 2 (no elevator code required) - Pier 01

  • Damm Auditorium: Sector D, floor 2 (elevator code required) - Pier 01

  • Tech City Auditorium: Sector C, floor 4 (elevator code required) - Pier 01

Instructions Briefing
NewARes | Leto
Susurro | ENCODEM | IrriDesk
NanoChronia | Pixel Voltaic | LightNET
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Daniel Gonzálvez