The Collider has been cradled in one of the TOP European tech hubs by the number of startups: Barcelona. That is the 5th in Europe and the 1st in Spain, holding around 1,100 tech startups and the 34% of total startups in the country according to Crunchbase, last year. Barcelona also holds the silver medal for co-working spaces in Europe with 129 and only advantaged by London. Besides, Spain is also the 3rd European country attracting top tech talent from other EU locations. Barcelona is clearly an attractive spot for founders-to-be and serial entrepreneurs but do investors feel the same? Let’s look at the numbers.

Barcelona’s 5th position as tech startup leader in Europe is also mirrored by the 5th position in European investment according to Crunchbase. The same source pulls an amount of €779.3M of total capital invested in Spain during 2017, of which €453M were concentrated in Barcelona’s hub, followed by Madrid with €309,5M. If we zoom into the investment series, about 60% of the rounds were less than €1M and a total of 16 startups surpassed the €10M bottom line. Among these successful companies, The Collider is proud to share building with 2: LetGo, a free person-to-person classifieds app, and CornerJob, a recruiting tool for companies.


But how is this investment distributed? Which entrepreneurs have the higher chances to find a perfect match? Pitchbook gives us the answer. The top sector in the Spanish ranking is mobile, with a blatant 49% of the investment shares; and if you focus in Barcelona the percentage flies up to a 54.6%, followed only half-way by eCommerce (24.7%) and third, Social (10.5%). Therefore, the city clearly stands out for its digital talent and specialization in Mobile and eCommerce; not in vain, Spain hosts the 7th highest professional developer population in Europe (Atomico).


All in all, the data reflects a prosperous projection for Barcelona in the entrepreneurial field. Founders and investors get together in a virtuous cycle of growth. Truth be told, the arena is quite focused on the mobile sector, which doesn’t mean other areas would lack opportunities but the funnel in their case is certainly narrower.