We love to talk – as we often do- about our Colliders, our protagonists: you’ve got to know the scientists, the CEOs, the speakers, the specialists and everyone who has shined on The Collider pitching stages and workshops throughout the previous months. That is because The Collider is a program about people and proud to be so. People are our biggest asset, as much as the brilliant technologies we welcome on every edition; without the right mixture of scientific and human force, there is no real impact on society, which is The Collider’s ultimate goal.

However, little is known about the ones standing behind the scenes, oiling the engines and wrapping the stages. They are the working force making things happen, undercover. Today, we would like to recognize their efforts as well, in shaping such a disruptive program from scratch. So here you have a little introduction to the Collider’s core team who works hard every day to offer a seamless and rewarding experience that makes a difference.


Oscar Sala / Director
Oscar is the director of the venture branch of Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB), mVenturesBcn, which is home to The Collider. He landed at the Pier 01 with the ambition to revalidate the success of the program’s first edition and plan its expansion thoroughly. On the day to day, Oscar is seen raising awareness about the program on the highest level, from private to public institutions, as well as sketching the big picture in the whiteboards of our beloved meeting room.

Manuel Palacin / Programme Manager
Techie at heart, Manuel is not only the programme’s manager but also our in-deep tech-transfer expert. He speaks the TTOs language (Tech-Transfer Offices) and is in charge of the scientific project scouting and care. On the day to day, Manuel is seen joining all the pieces of The Collider puzzle, from the legal layer to the scouting machinery, or offering speeches elsewhere (and probably running overtime).

Javier Avellaneda / Venture Builder
Javier is our latest addition and he’s caught up incredibly fast despite his serene look and flair. Having helped to bring 4 companies to the stock floors, he joined The Collider to lead our startups’ fundraising journey. With such a challenge in such an early stage in his hands, Javier is usually seen between partner’s boards and strategic meetings to define deals and secure a bright future for The Collider’s rising stars.

Maria Lizunova / Marketing Executive
Maria is part of the MWCB Marketing team and she landed at The Collider following an intense experience at 4YFN, where she gained an incredible knowledge (and network!) around the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She’s the mastermind behind our website, promotional events and materials. On the day to day, you’ll find her in-between offices (Pier 01 and MediaTIC) aligning expectations and turning them into a reality.

Pol Hortal / Operations Manager
Pol is a veteran at The Collider and our people’s person. Having started his own several businesses (with sounded exits), Pol drives the perfect empathy from participants and staff alike. Hence, he is the bridge between the two worlds, managing operations, providers and setting the tempos. On the day to day, you’ll find Pol on top of all matters as relaxed as he may seem and probably also sharing a cigarette or lunch with participants and getting to know their pains and gains, dreams and failures.

Albert Castelltort / Operations & Moderator
Beyond helping in the program’s definition, Albert is mostly known for being the program’s star speaker. We’ve seen him at The Collider’s Demo Days, at 4YFN big stage and moderating specialised roundtables all around. He is connected to a great network of investors and corporates and not in vain, he has been one of the master coaches in building (targeting and retargeting) our startup pitches.


Ona Estapé / Experience Lead
Also quite a veteran, Ona got onboard to ensure a seamless experience for every single one in the program. With one hand in Marketing and another in Operations, Ona is a natural mix of organizer and PR person set to grow and bond The Collider community. That’s why you’ll find her on her day to day on weekly (or rather daily) meetings, scheduling tweets, talking to participants, experts and providers. Or writing this blog post.