Today we’re wrapping up the boot camp, the first phase in The Collider’s program. It has been a month-long fulfilling experience, with daily workshops, after work talks and intensive fieldwork. Our Colliders came here without knowing each other and now they’re about to pitch for their first investment round.

In order to get the first bit of capital, all participants have to prove the profitability of the technology they represent. This means submitting an extensive report on the challenge, the context, the validation process, the competitive landscape and more. Today, they present in front of the internal committee the results of their opportunity validation journey and their performance will determine the amount received for the next Phase.

Such a crucial day comes after a creative rollercoaster, diverging and converging ideas, exploring different industries to find the best gap in the market. They have had the help of experienced professors such as Toni Dávila, José Manuel Pérez Prado, Richard Lagrand and Xavier Sansó among others. They have met experts from a wide range of industries, serial entrepreneurs and corporate representatives, including investors that are already keeping an interested eye in all projects.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet disclose the full details of the final projects but what we can say is that we’ve got very strong health care services and that most startups are directed to B2B. Thus, very powerful technologies taking shape to hit the industry and make it a better place.

Among the resources offered through The Collider’s boot camp, there has been special interest in the landscape monitor, the lean startup and the business model canvas. These tools have been especially unfolded to follow a step-by-step guided process of ideation and market research. Overall, all guests, materials and tools have aimed to offer a deep understanding of opportunity validation and prepare the entrepreneurs for the next harsher venture building phase.