The Collider is a 10 month journey of ideation and venture building that places the challenge for its 21 participants to build their own successful tech-transfer companies. It is a major challenge but they won’t be alone: they will be assisted by relevant experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and mentors along the way. And together with our participants, all our readers will also have the chance to access these bites of knowledge, and get hooked to The Collider.

Starting from the bottom line, this 10-month journey is structured in 3 key stages that help mark the milestones in the venture process:

Phase 1 – Opportunity Validation (1 month): Aimed at acquiring tools and methodology to validate at least one business opportunity per team.

Phase 2 – Venture Building (4 months): Aimed at refining the opportunity and starting its acceleration.

Phase 3 – Incubation (5 months): Aimed at the incubation of the idea and initial scaling.



The 21st November will mark the official start of The Collider’s Phase 1, a month-long bootcamp focused on team building and exploring relevant opportunities for each team’s technology. The bootcamp, is organized at the same time in 4 blocks, to ensure a step-by-step dive into the tech-transfer process. These stages are structured as follows:


1st Week – Reshaping the problem. Aimed at understanding the context of the challenge; that means, industry problems, trends & opportunities, as well as specific customer issues.

2nd Week – Ideation and Pre-totyping. Aimed at brainstorming multiple ideas to address the customer problem, followed by micro testing and deploying a detailed value proposal of the selected idea.

3-4th Week – Prototyping & Iteration. Elaborating a validation plan:
underlying hypotheses, key actions, KPIs and expected outcomes. That includes service/ product technology details, marketing & distribution strategy and validation outcomes.

5th Week – Business, Communication & Feedback. Working on business model, seed investment financial plan, cooperation agreements and alliances, team and, finally but most importantly, elevator pitch.


Now it is our chance to invite you all to follow the Colliders in this exciting journey. You will find program updates, videos and speaker insights here on the blog as the program develops. Be sure to stay tuned and let us know any thoughts or suggestions in the comments.

Let The Collider begin!