The Unique Selling Proposition (or USP), as its clear name implies, highlights the differential benefit that sets your company apart from the rest towards your customers. This is not to be confused with the tagline, which is an advertorial hook that may – or may not- sum up the USP.

In their particular sprints, our Colliders have been focusing on the MVPs and business models but as the marketing and acquisition stage gets closer, it is their homework to set their USP clear. To help them in this task, we have welcomed, straight from Dubai, Ana Guasch, a serial entrepreneur fuelled by curiosity. Ana listed a few examples of known taglines and USPs, such as:

USP: Committed to helping all women realise their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.
Tagline: Everyday Moisture is the key to beautiful skin

USP: Ability to build fully electrically powered vehicles in house.
Tagline: Burn rubber not gasoline

USP & Tagline: Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Two key questions can help you define your USP and they are as helpful as rude as they sound: “so what?” and “who cares?”. That means, what is the point of your company and who feels the pain you’re trying to solve.

Overall, the USP hits the sweet spot between what your brand does well and what your customer wants. In this sense, beware of what your competitor does well and keep a distance if you -most probably-  lack the force to battle them. As Ana Guasch points out, it is not as fundamental to be the best but really to be the only one. This essential uniqueness, deeply rooted in the product, will raise the brand to a level only YOU can reach.

Once you’ve found your formula, you will end up with a sentence or two, easy to remember and never to forget, which will be the key to your marketing effort. Retention and acquisition will actually be our next focus in the upcoming weeks. Among others, we bring a special session by Hubspot and workshops with experts on marketing, analytics and KPIs.

But first, 4YFN is just around the corner -less than a week to kick off- and we will be explaining all about the experience in our next post.