The Collider’s roadmap is clearly organized in a series of milestones, deep-rooted in the design-thinking model and lean startup methodology, with the utmost goal to create highly innovative tech-transfer startups. The steps in the journey take the form of workshops, offered by experienced national and international speakers, which are the spinal chord of The Collider’s content programming. We’ve had the chance to share some of their valuable knowledge in previous posts, ranging from ideation to marketing or business modelling. But today, we will look into a different kind of guests who have honoured us with their presence and wisdom; here’s our little homage to our after-work talks.

The after-work talks are weekly sessions with an inspirational aim welcoming guests of a wide heterogeneous background. These events are held informally in a comfy area in the office and, living up to their nature, they have turned into a true source of motivation and purpose for the program’s participants. On a regular basis, guests draw upon their expertise and life experience to move on to challenge the different projects. These experts and disruptors are a blank sheet for our teams to test their ideas, targets and roadmaps. An inquisitive comment from one of these wise “strangers” might be the key to perseverate or iterate. And why should participants put so much trust in a newcomer? Because after all, they are the same persona in a different stage; entrepreneurs who have fought the same battles, failed, learned and turned a technological challenge into a profitable company (and not a startup anymore).

Entrepreneurship and science are again the cardinal points that bring together the majority of our after-work guests and bring them hand in hand with our teams. We have welcomed doctors turned into successful business people, like Anna Sala (anAPPhylaxis) or Gerard Martret (Doctoralia), or PhDs involved in truly disruptive technologies like Maria López (Bitbrain), as well as serial entrepreneurs and MSc like Daniel Rovira (Madbid, itcher) or Miguel Arias (CARTO), currently global director of Telefonica’s entrepreneurial branch.

They all have gone through the same pains and struggles: negotiating with investors, dealing with the offices of tech-transfer and, all in all, surfing the unpredictable wave of entrepreneurship. We can easily empathize with their life experience and they can easily challenge our stories. That is why their participation and feedback is priceless. Thank you all!