Starting a company from scratch isn’t easy, most especially if you’ve only just met your journey companions. But our Colliders are made of real entrepreneurial material and are willing for such a challenge.  For the next 10 months, they have the mission to turn leading innovative technologies into profitable businesses.  

Organized in teams of 3, led by a scientist plus two entrepreneurs, all 21 participants undergo a month-long boot camp to kick-start the program. During these intensive days, they will drive through ideation, prototyping and business modelling to find their own positive contribution to the cities of tomorrow.

The first week in The Collider is focused on “reshaping the problem”.  This means stepping back and looking at the big picture: industry challenges, trends, opportunities and customer needs.

For that purpose, we’ve welcomed various industry experts to lead our quest in terms of mobility (SocialCar), health (Biocat), urbanism (MediaURBAN), basic supplies (Suez) and more.

In the starting line of The Collider, we have mostly cutting-edge technologies looking for the open doors in the business market. These technologies reach 7 heterogeneous sectors: GPS, language processing, IoT, 3D, blockchain and two “point of care” (POC) devices.

If you’re curious to know which product form and industry path will each team take, be sure to stay tuned to the blog.