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The countdown for The Collider’s next edition is set and running. With about a month to close applications, we would like to share more about our refined programme structure in order to convince all those undecided ones. Get out your agendas because there are some dates you will want to lock down for this upcoming and exciting entrepreneurial journey.

The programme of this new edition is split into two main phases -instead of the former three- with two main committee checkpoints to assess the viability of each project moving forward. Both phases are filled with workshops and inspirational sessions which convey towards one final milestone: developing a minimum viable product (MVP). All along the road, our participants will be coached and trained by leading experts in business development and entrepreneurship, an accompaniment that stands as one of the programme’s major core values.


So let’s take a closer look at the new Collider calendar with the corresponding overview, inputs and outputs, stage by stage:


The Collider Weekend

24-25 Nov 2018

The ice-breaker. Participants will meet for the first time in this immersive two-day event. They’ll get to know the staff, they’ll get to know the space and, most importantly, they’ll get to know their teammates. The weekend will be scattered with team-building dynamics aimed at placing the human side over the business level, and start building a solid personal foundation for the demanding months ahead.


Opportunity Validation

10 Dec 2018 – 15 Feb 2019

The business roadmap kicks off. Teams are presented with this year’s challenge and dive into two months of validation for their assigned technologies. This is a period of deep research and fieldwork, gathering feedback from both potential clients and investors to shape one’s “unique selling proposition” (if you’re curious to know more about the “unique selling proposition”, check here). Participants won’t be left alone in this arduous task: they will benefit from the full support of the Mobile World Capital’s infrastructure, including experts, mentors and corporate network. By the end of this phase, each team must have sketched credible and enticing MVP and business plans.


First Checkpoint

February 2019

This is the turning point between the first phase and the second phase; that is, from the conceptualization of the MVP to its actual development. In order to move forward, teams will have to prove a set of requirements including the team’s compatibility, MVP’s viability, business opportunity and corporate interest as well as ensuring their technology is or can be protected.


Venture Building

4 March – 21 June 2019

In this second phase, which lasts for four months, the minimum viable product (MVP) turns from paper to reality. Once the MVP has been developed and validated with real clients, the next step is to refine the business plan including a fundraising strategy. This fundraising strategy will be the basis to roll-out to market and start escalating the company. Then again, along this task, the teams will benefit from the full guidance of The Collider staff and mentors, including specialised experts in all areas; ie. prototyping, pitching, scalability, fundraising, etc. Given that a team successfully delivers the preset requirements, they will finally be incorporated into a startup.

Second Checkpoint

Anytime during the second phase

This is the deciding point where projects become actual startups. To earn the right to incorporate their companies, teams will have to be extremely thorough with their business plans and fundraising strategy. The committee will evaluate the team’s cohesion and the commercial maturity of the project and it will be compulsory to have a co-investor to join the Mobile World Capital’s seed funding.



And that’s all for the time being. We hope this overview has shed some light into the future roadmap of this edition and that it has seduced the undecided ones to join us in this challenging yet rewarding experience (remember: call closes on the 30th of September!). As the days go by, we will share more details on the methodology and specific workshop plan. Enjoy the few days left of summer!