As we enter summer, we close 8 months of an intense yet rewarding first edition of The Collider. It has been a journey of fast-paced growth, teamwork and self-accomplishment for all, participants and organizers. We’ve learned and we’ve built 4 companies, hand in hand with scientists, serial entrepreneurs and investors. As we close this edition – all covered with excitement for the next one- the time has come to recap a few numbers summarising the program’s achievements in its birth year.

24 Participants

We started in November 2017 welcoming 24 courageous participants from over 300 candidacies. They had a tough challenge ahead: “Building the cities of tomorrow” by creating highly innovative startups. This meant working together with their newly met cofounders to validate the technologies brought along by top Universities and research centres around Catalonia.

+ 100h training

Our Colliders were not left without direction. In fact, The Collider’s core offering relies on the training and accompaniment throughout the two main stages of opportunity validation and venture building. Specifically, we’ve hosted +50 hours of industry expert workshops/keynotes with topics ranging from the early stages of ideation to polishing the P&L and pitches. Furthermore, we’ve had +25h of meet-the-expert sessions where we’ve learned the first-hand experience of scientists turned entrepreneurs, corporates turned investors and many more inspiring profiles.

+20 investors

The extreme fast-pace of the program involves a great effort in raising capital at such a pre-seed stage. mVenturesBcn offers the initial financial support but teams will need much more to reach the final industrialization stage. For that purpose, we’ve invited +20 VCs and business angels of all sorts, all sharing a common interest in deep tech. After these 8 months, we’re proud to say that most of The Collider projects have secured paid pilots or external investment, with some very high amounts for their stage.

8 projects

All 24 entering participants formed a total of 8 projects. Half of them did not succeed in the piloting stage and the other half successfully moved forward through incubation. The current startups cover areas ranging from blockchain, Biomed or RFID technology and they are backed by reputable research centres in Catalonia, including Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Centre de Recerca Matmàtica or i2cat.

All in all, as summer unfolds we will still enjoy the company of the current Colliders around the office, but the truth is the clock has started ticking for a generational renewal. To know more about the next batch of Colliders who will inhabit our headquarters at Pier 01 – Barcelona Tech City next fall, keep posted to our channels; and if you think that could be you, make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming call.