That time of the year has arrived again. The time when Barcelona’s streets get filled with thousands of people from around the world gathered to debate and build the future of Telecomms. The Mobile World Congress is due this month (25th-28th February) in Barcelona and The Collider is proud to enjoy special access. As a programme by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, The Collider will be present at the Congress and most especially at 4YFN, its startup event, in the form of numerous activities.

If you don’t want to miss the latest news and features in the programme, make sure to save the following events in your agenda right now:



The Collider exhibition at MWCapital stand

25-27 February / 09:00-18:00.

4YFN @ Fira Montjuïc

The Collider’s portfolio companies will be exhibited at 4YFN at MWCapital stand, which will be a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and corporations attending at the event. The Collider will also have an info point, where you can meet our team and discover more information about the programme.



Tech Transfer @ The Collider: Vision, Opportunity & Results

26 February / 11:15-12:00.

4YFN – MWCapital Stand

Many of today’s main opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship share the challenge of complexity: the need to converge several advanced technologies such as sensors, IoT, AI and Blockchain, as well as countless questions from the legal, and even at times ethical, perspective. Technology Transfer through the involvement of Universities, Corporates, Investors and, of course, Entrepreneurs, promises to overcome this challenge. Spain’s research ecosystem is particularly well positioned to transfer scientific knowledge into value-add opportunities and The Collider’s startups are demonstrating how.



Tech Transfer Success Stories: from Antennas to MP3

27 February / 11:20-12:00.

4YFN – AGORA Stage

The Collider brings successful Tech Transfer entrepreneurs to discuss their inspiring stories and speak about how to bring technological breakthroughs to markets in ways that consumers and businesses can benefit from.



Round Table with Technology Transfer Offices

27 February / 12:30-13:15.

4YFN – MWCapital Stand

The commercialization of technological assets from universities and research centres is a big challenge since there are many steps turning an idea into a product. The Collider invites local TTOs to present their new initiative on bridging the gap between scientific and entrepreneurial ecosystems.



Congress Talks: The Collider

28 February / 11:00-11:30.

MWC @ Fira Granvia – MWCapital Stand (CS40)

Samantha Lopez, took part in the previous edition of The Collider. Now she is CSO of RheoDx, one of The Collider’s successful startups. She will take part in Congress Talks and tell us about her fascinating journey from scientist to entrepreneur and how The Collider helped her in this transition.



We have been preparing each and every activity with attention and determination, confident that they’ll satisfy our audience’s curiosity. For anyone interested in The Collider, this is the perfect occasionand to meet the team personally; feel free to pop by at any time at the MWCapital stand to get to know the staff, current and former participants and a variety of projects from the programme.


Looking forward to meeting you all!