The door at the office in Barcelona Tech City is wide open today. A few scattered journalists have already taken their seats; guests are still arriving slowly but steadily while Oscar Sala, mVenturesBcn director, greets everyone at the entrance as some assistants surreptitiously sneak a hand over the catering table.

In the backstage, Samantha López is sitting at her desk. This has been her place for the last 8 months and she’s made it her own: a few post-its here, a teacup there and scientific papers everywhere. In a few minutes, she will take the stage to present her success story as a Collider in front of the general press. It may seem a big fit for a 21-year-old lab girl who was secluded in the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica doing microfluidic tests just a few months back. But Samantha has come a long way since then. She’s now a proper entrepreneur who has raised an undisclosed amount (think of a few zeros) for her startup, RheoDx. Don’t be tricked by her big rounded glasses; she’s a pitch master.

Samantha will be our star for the day and the occasion deserves no less. The Collider presents a new season, with a new challenge and a new structure. During the past weeks, all the team has been working under the clock behind the scenes to polish every single detail of an even better Collider edition; the program keeps its essence of high-end training and mentorship but all conveyed through a more refined roadmap and methodology. Don’t you worry, we will disclose all the bits and pieces in due time through our social channel but first comes first: today we kick start applications!

The Collider is looking for three different profiles to become founders of our future startups. On the one hand, we’re looking for 12 scientists representing disruptive technologies born in national and international research centres. On the other hand, we’re looking for two types of serial entrepreneurs (20 CEOs and 20 COOs) to develop the business side of each project. You will find the full specs of each role in our website:

Feel free to drop us a line with any doubts you may have – we’re confident you’ll be quickly convinced to join us in this adventure.

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