It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning of November. The auditorium at mVenturesBcn has over 40 chairs perfectly aligned awaiting the audience. On the screen, one message receives all guests: The Collider Weekend – Welcome!

Welcome to The Collider 2018. Welcome to your new office. Welcome to your new team. And welcome to the technological matter that is bound to revolutionise the industry thanks to your effort and attitude.

For the next two days, the office would become a playground for team-building activities and experiential learning starring the successful candidates of the new edition (from now on, our Colliders). It was a real joy to see top-class CEOs, enthusiastic COOs and awarded Scientists starting the engines and working together for the very first time.

The main goal? To get to know each other and to set the values and grounds for the purposeful months ahead.

If you’re curious to feel a bit of the vibrant energy revolving The Collider Weekend, today we bring a graphic memory of what happened over these days.

Keep posted to follow the promising road ahead!


Inspirational speech offered by the programme’s star speaker, Albert C. Mikkelsen.


Roundtable with former Collider participants: Anna Nicolau (Icaria Medical), Smantha López (RheoDx) and Cristian De Santos (SAALG Geomechanics).


Participants get to know each other in ice-breaking dynamics directed by coach experts Humanside.


First team-building challenge: the pipeline.


Another collective challenge: the big bag jump!


The emotional journey experience, proving how we manage expectations.


Participants sharing their learnings and values from the activities undertaken.


Views from the after-work terrace at Museu d’Història de Catalunya.