The Collision Weekend, which took place during the weekend of November 18 and 19, was one of the key moments for The Collider given that it was the first meeting between the scientists and entrepreneurs selected to create the startups of the future. Through this post, we invite you to be part of the event as we relay the contribution given by these people during those two intensive days.

The kickoff was at 9:00 am on Saturday. There was much enthusiasm on the part of all the participants who received an advice that proved to be very useful throughout the weekend: be open to new contributions.

The first part of the day on Saturday was dedicated to inspiring talks through which participants adopted the principles of design thinking, the lean startup and other key elements needed to enter the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Entrepreneurs and scientists, divided into teams, faced different challenges, as the objective was to find ways to improve people´s lives. These challenges covered the areas of mobility, health, housing, public services and social justice.

Sunday began with Jaume Rey as a special guest. Jaume is CEO of Nexiona and he came to Collision Weekend to explain his experience as an entrepreneur. As he pointed out, “we are very afraid to share ideas for fear of them being stolen. Share them, it´s better to have 33% of a company, than 100% of a power point”.

Some games helped the participants to stimulate their creativity and get to know each other a bit more. The idea was to strengthen the bonds between team members and lay the foundations for collective work.

The teams elaborated their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and went out to the street to validate it with their potential clients, checking if the proposed solutions were meeting people’s needs.

Knowing how to sell a project is equally important as developing one. The last challenge was the elevator pitch. Internalising the message you want to convey is vital for finding clients, in addition to being able to do it in a few minutes.