Call for Talent 2020

Do you want to lead a singular, transformative and aspirational business project?



We strongly believe that when scientific talent and entrepreneurial initiatives are united together, they generate an impact on the marketplace and people’s lives.

That is why we team you up with the best scientific talent to bring your tech-based pioneering startups to life together.

Who we are looking for

    • Entrepreneurs with experience in venture building, business development, obtaining funding and team leadership.

    • Knowledge of the deep-tech business sector.

    • Full-time dedication

    • A command of the English language.


    Challenges 2020

    To define the sectorial challenges of the current edition, The Collider organized workshops with corporations from each of the verticals below. During these working sessions the companies helped us to identify the main problems that their industries face in upcoming future.

    Sectorial challenges 2020
    Using tech solutions to improve R&D&i, optimize health system, including diagnostics, patient treatment and monitoring.
    Industry 4.0
    Applying innovation to automate supply chain, discover clean recycling solutions and enhance processes thanks to data analytics.
    Energy & Utilities
    Discovering new energy production technologies that reduce environmental impact and introduction of new consumption models.
    Mobility Improving accessibility of new technologies, autonomous vehicles and reduction of CO2 emissions produced by the secotr.


    Corporate Partners

    R&D Partners


    The programme is divided into 2 main phases. The first one is called Opportunity Validation during which the scientist will try to identify possible market applications of their technologies. The second phase is called Business Validation, in which entrepreneurs will work together with scientists in order to consolidate their business idea into a marketable product. Those teams, who will successfully pass this stage, will incorporate their startups and enter The Collider portfolio for further growth opportunities.
    This is NOT a regular paid job offer, but an opportunity to found your own deep-tech company. Only the teams that successfully pass the programme’s first phase, will be incorporated into a startup and receive a salary at their own discretion. The actual value for participants comes in form of company ownership.
    We are looking for senior entrepreneurs (5-10 years) eager to tackle a new project with outstanding organizational, leadership and problem-solving skills. Also holding several years of experience in business development and team leadership. Candidates without entrepreneurial experience are encouraged to join the COO offer instead.
    The Investment Committee takes place at the end of the first phase (on the 16th April) and is formed of external and internal sectorial specialists. They will hear all project pitches and decide which ones will set up their startups and will move to The Collider´s portfolio.
    All teams endorsed by the Investment Committee will receive a seed-investment of up to 50.000€, to face incorporation and execute their industry pilots. This funding will be provided in different installments based on each team’s performance.
    As part of The Collider, all participants will receive a free full pass to 4YFN and entry on the last day to the Mobile World Congress. We encourage teams to take this opportunity to arrange as many meetings possible to prove the industry’s interest in their solution.
    All startups that fulfill the whole programme, become part of The Collider’s portfolio, enjoying a wide range of benefits including office space and access to the Mobile World Capital’s network of corporations, investors and experts.