The Collider 2019-2020

Take part in Beyond Data Challenge for sustainable future

What are we looking for?

The Collider tech transfer programme is designed for PhDs, Postdocs, Master’s students or Researchers who want to explore the market potential of their research projects. The programme gives you an opportunity to apply your research to overcome various industrial challenges and launch conjoint pilots with our corporate partners.

The Collider programme is an immersive entrepreneurial experience that includes an intensive six months training, industry experts support and mentorship from entrepreneurship gurus.

We offer you a unique opportunity to team up with the best serial entrepreneurs and become founder and CTO/CSO of a disruptive digital start-up. Together with your team partners, you will go from an idea to the development of a marketable product. Furthermore, thanks to The Collider’s ad hoc methodology, you will get all the necessary tools and support to successfully kick off the project.

*In order to pass the selection process, you will need the support and approval of your research group leader and the corresponding managing body of your research institution.
*Participation in the programme requires commitment from the scientist side, such as involvement in the opportunity validation and time dedication to the respective team.


Will help you to find a perfect fit between your technology and current market needs

Why join?


Technologies that offer solutions on how to overcome current edition’s challenges will be able to validate their MVP with corporations and have an opportunity to launch conjoint pilots together


Numerous mentors, entrepreneurship gurus and industry experts are involved into the programme and will help you with advice or a meaningful connection with other players inside the ecosystem


Get access to MWCapital community of privileged business development environment and investor network to maximise your business and funding opportunities


We join serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business skills together with scientists to form high-performance entrepreneurial teams

Corporate Challenges 2019-20


Enhancing efficiency, accessibility and sustainability to improve people’s lives


Leveraging data to improve passengers and goods transportation

  • Route optimization
  • Operational efficiency of public transportation
  • Ridesharing and new mobility business models
  • Smart logistics
  • Last mile delivery

Health & Wellness

Using data to improve delivery of care, clinical outcomes, and to drive operational efficiencies

  • Healthcare adherence
  • Personalized medical treatments
  • Predictive care improvement
  • Clinical and operational effectiveness

Industry 4.0 & Utilities

Transforming manufacturing and utility industries to improve efficiency, productivity and safety

  • Operational costs optimization
  • Predictive maintenance and real-time fraud detection
  • Supply chain workflow automation
  • Peer-to-peer energy transactions
  • Lifecycle energy management
  • Digital Twin and Digital Thread

The Collider Award

The Collider will select the 15 best projects solving industry challenges and will invite them to take part in The Collider’s programme new edition. One of the main criteria for selection is the technologies’ maturity stage, meaning that we reward the projects that are developed enough to start piloting and testing. Entering to The Collider helps universities and research institutions to apply and test their scientific know-how in real life.

Apart from entering the programme, each scientific project also receives € 2,000 to cover travel expenses, subsistence allowance, accommodation or any other expenses occurred as a result of participation in The Collider.

The award ceremony with winners announcement will be held on 9 July 2019, where The Collider  will announce the selected projects Call for Technologies champions in each vertical.

Application process

We want to make sure that we select the most breakthrough technologies. For this reason, we designed a process that allows us to learn more about both the candidates and their projects. Below you can find a step-by-step description of the application process and its timings.


Till 31 May 2019

Candidate Info

Step 1:

Complete an application form with general questions about you and your research group.

After, you’ll receive an email with the 2nd part of the form. We will let your TTO know that you entered the process.


Till 31 May 2019

Technology Info

Step 2:

In the 2nd form, you have to answer questions about your research. We recommend to revise them with your TTO or a principal investigator.


June 2019

Finalists Preselection

Step 3:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. All the projects that want to be admitted to The Collider’s new edition, have to sign Rules of Participation prior to Experts Committee (27 June 2019).


9 July 2019

The Collider Award

Step 4:

The Collider Expert Committee will announce 15 finalists who will be entitled to take part in the new edition of the programme and will get $2000 per project to cover their expenses related to the programme.

Programme timeline

4 April - 31 May 2019


June 2019


9 July 2019

The Collider weekend

2 Dec 2019-14 Feb 2020

Opportunity Validation

2 March - 26 June 2020

Venture Builder

Corporate collaborators

We collaborate with various corporations to define sectorial challenges and to launch conjoint pilots.


As a scientist, you must dedicate as much time as possible during the validation of the market opportunity of the project. If the startup is created, the scientist will be required to work full time to execute the action plan agreed with The Collider’s team.

Your role will be based on maximising your unique knowledge to make technology a marketable product.

If the validation of the business opportunity is positive and your profile is sufficient to carry out the role, you will be nominated as the Co­-Founder.

As one of the selected to take part in The Collider, this does not automatically guarantee that you are going to become the Co­-Founder of a future company.

To finally decide whether to create the startup or not, you must have validated that a business opportunity exists and demonstrate that you have the profile needed to join a team of Co­Founder’s.

Ideas should arise and materialise during the Opportunity Validation of the programme. However, there is no problem if the participant wishes to expose his or her idea during the process.

The seed investment awarded to each startup to develop a minimum viable product will be up to 50.000€. Once the program is finalised, mVenturesBcn holds the right, but nor the obligation, to co-invest in the project together with other stakeholders.

The successful and unsuccessful candidates will be announced on the 9th of November via email.

Once the Venture Building phase is finalised, the startups that have succeeded in attracting the market’s interest will be offered an incubation space for three further months to develop their business and fundraising strategies.

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