Even if summer unfolds, there are no holidays for The Collider. Currently and until mid-September we are fully focussed on the scouting of brilliant business talent worldwide.

This process comes naturally following our call for technologies which concluded with a shortlist of the very best 15 research projects in our territory. They will be the rough matter to be moulded into the market. Fortunately, each project will count with expert’s hands and leadership. And that’s precisely what we’re looking for at the moment: 15 CEOs and 15 COOs, our entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

One of the raisons d’etre of the programme is the ‘collision’ between outstanding technologies and outstanding entrepreneurs. And we certainly place all the efforts and resources to make this magic match happen. After all, this powerful mixture is the essence of the programme’s (and its startup’s) success.

To find the finest candidates, we count with the help of an external human resources team. They will help us move forward through the whole headhunting process to spot the most suitable candidates to fit each project. 

Needless to say, likewise the scientific scouting process, we follow a strict criteria to build a final scoring of CEOs, with high standards some of which we’re able to disclose below:

  • Number of ventures founded, most specially in the tech sector.
  • Maximum billing reached and number of people under supervision.
  • Number of funding rounds and amount raised.
  • Experience in applying to public grants.
  • Knowledge over deep-tech, including Blockchain, AI and IoT.
  • Experience as mentor, advisor or consultant for startups.

In addition to this quantitative assets, recruiters will assess soft-skills including communication, leadership, teamwork and more. 

The final goal is to build a high performing teams capable of turning technologies with years of research behind finally into marketable products and services, for the benefit of both industry and society.

If you feel this challenge is exactly your cup of tea, don’t miss the unique chance to pair up with the Mobile World Capital Foundation and make a difference by making technology matter.