That time of the year has come again when the shutdown of a new edition starts the countdown for the next one. On Friday the 21st June, we celebrate the closure of The Collider 2018-2019 with staff, mentors and participants invigorated by the early steps and success of the 3 newborn startups of this batch.

A couple weeks later, we will officially launch the new 2019-2020 edition in the company of institutional representatives and programme friends. However, as our reader’s may remember from an earlier post, the new edition has already been cooking under the radar for a few months now, kicking off with the challenge definition alongside a wide number of corporations.

In addition, the call for new technologies has been progressing for weeks and is currently on the last sprint: expert’s evaluation. On this occasion, The Collider has received over 160 candidacies from research centers and Universities mainly from the Catalan territory but also coming as far as Madrid or London. All projects are now in hands of an experts’ committee who is doing a thorough assessment based on standardized criteria.

To shed a bit of light into this behind-the-scenes process and acknowledge the rigorous work of our committee, herby we disclose the top 8 principles that will help rank the candidates down to the final shortlist:

  1. Technology readiness level (TRL): is the technology project mature enough to execute pilot tests in less than 1 year?
  2. Technical specifications: how much better is the technology compared to other similar or alternative technologies in terms of performance?
  3. Intellectual Protection Rights: does the current status of the technology protection favor its commercialization and represents a competitive advantage?
  4. Scalability: can this technological solution be scaled?
  5. Pilot Tests and/or “Proof-of-Concepts” completed: are the results obtained significant at the industrial level?
  6. Feasibility of proposed case study/ies development plan: is the plan sufficiently realistic to execute a pilot test with an initial funding of 50.000€ and feasibility to attract more investors after this above mentioned initial funding?
  7. Competitive advantage: how different is the solution in terms of market indicators (costs reduction, time optimization, new revenues)?
  8. Market opportunity (quantification & trends): is there a sufficiently large and attractive market? Cost reduction solution or new business opportunity?

The initial filtering has already reduced the contestants to 50 who are now undergoing an in-depth scoring which will leave only 25 runners-up. The representatives of these 25 projects will finally have to defend them personally in front of the committee by answering their inquisitive questions.

By the end of the whole process, we will have the 15 finalist technologies, that will be presented publicly on the press conference in early July. Stay tuned to get to know them very soon…