Nov 12, 2020 - Nov 12, 2020
11:00H - 12:30H

GoHub and The Collider organize Deep Tech Talks, a series of events that bring together corporations, industry, investors and startups to boost the implementation of deep tech in key sectors of our country.

This is a space to be if you want to learn about the latest trends and innovative solutions that companies want to implement in order to increase their competitiveness and to create a positive impact.

Recently, we have witnessed rapid advancements in the deployment of 5G on a global scale. This technology opens lots of new opportunities in various sectors, especially in the industrial ecosystem.

We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, where connectivity between physical and digital plays a crucial role, as manufacturers can get critical insights about their operations. 5G itself won´t redesign the production line but will enable machine-to-machine communication and facilitate new operating models. This really enables a range of applications that may not have been available in the past.

During this Deep Tech Talks, we want to discuss with the experts the impact that 5G may potentially have on Industry 4.0. We will also dive in the current state of 5G deployment worldwide, its challenges and opportunities.

Also, we will showcase some cutting-edge startups that are creating 5G solutions to facilitate the deployment of this technology.

11:00 - Welcome

Oscar Sala, Director of The Collider, Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Patricia Pastor, Managing Director of GoHub

Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City


11:10 – Round table – Impact of 5G in industry 4.0

Afif Osseiran, Director of Industry Engagements & Research at Ericsson, Vice-Chair of the Board at 5G-ACIA

Atte Länsisalmi, Program Manager at Nokia Networks y Vice Chairman of WG 3, 5G ACIA

Eduard Martin, CEO 5G Barcelona & CIO 5G Program Director, Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Narcís Cardona, Director of iTEAM 5G & Serial entrepreneur.

Patricia Pastor, Managing Director of GoHub.

Moderator: Andres Escribano, IoT & Big Data New Business & Industry 4.0 Director, Telefonica.

12:00 – Startup Pitches

We are looking for the best 5G startups with an international focus to pitch in this event.

If you have a startup and you will like to pitch please follow this link.
Afif Osseiran
Director of Industry Engagements and Research at Ericsson
Narcís Cardona
Director of iTEAM Research Institute at UPV and Co-founder of Fivecomm
Atte Länsisalmi
Program Manager at Nokia Networks
Eduard Martin
Director de Conectividad Inteligente, Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Andres Escribano
IoT and Big Data New Business and Industry 4.0 Director at Telefonica
Patricia Pastor
Managing Director at GoHub
Miquel Marti
CEO en Tech Barcelona
Oscar Sala
The Collider Director