Miguel Silva-Constenla is a peculiar CEO, bringing together the curiosity of a scientist at heart and the leadership of a businessman by profession. After travelling the seven seas, The Collider has had the privilege to become his latest stop.

Alongside Adriaan Landman they have lead and propelled AllRead Machine Learning Technologies, a spinoff from the Computer Vision Center (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and one of the three startups born in The Collider 2018-19 edition.

For such a young startup, these guys have made an impressive debut, recently winning the Venture On The Road award by BStartup (Banc Sabadell) and SeedRocket.

Meet the Colliders!


How did you first hear about The Collider and which were your expectations?

 I was working overseas for the last 20 years across different continents, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. It was time for me to get back to Europe to work in a new and disruptive project in the Deep Tech ecosystem. A good friend from Barcelona living in Dubai recommended me to check out The Collider and I decided to apply… the rest is history.


Can you share a little about your first impressions when getting to know your allocated technology and the scientists behind it?

Artificial Intelligence was my original background when I did my Bachelor and Masters degree in Physics. Although for the last 20 years I have been working across other fields such as Telecom, IoT and even Venture Capital, my final aim was to get back to A.I. and Machine Learning technologies because of their huge influence in almost every single sector in the near future. The real thing happened when I met the guys behind the tech development at the CVC (Computer Vision Center) and the rest of the team chosen by The Collider. My first impression was to truly believe that I was in the right place, working around a Machine learning algorithm using Deep Learning, a Tech developed over the last few years and allocated in a high Technological Readiness Level, ready to be validated on several verticals.


Which has been the most exciting and the most challenging part of your journey with AllRead MLT so far?

We are a truly Tech company, so sometimes we have to behave as scientist and the exciting thing about Science is trial and error… you keep trying the experiment till it works. That’s the Eureka moment in AllRead MLT, when we are able to validate our Tech in  a new vertical.


With a few months of life, AllRead MLT has already won a few competitions. Which is your next big goal ahead?

 Competitions and awards are cool, they gave you some kind of internal satisfaction, but personally that’s just the heat of the moment and it lasts for a very short moment. Even if those competitions truly give us exposure and acknowledgement, the real goal and award is when our Tech works, solving real problems in today’s disruptive society; and what our Team is doing, it had never been tried before. That’s our goal, our real achievement which drives our AllRead MLT engine every single day.