The Collider was born with the ultimate goal of bringing disruptive research to the market and consequently, to society. As the programme grows in maturity and reputation, the efforts to close the circle between Research Centers and Corporations succeed more and more. Not in vain, the new edition has counted with over 50 corporate representatives for the kicking point of the new edition: the challenge definition.

Throughout two co-creation sessions held in Madrid and Barcelona, innovation managers and corporate disruptors have defined altogether the potential challenges, the game-changing issues and the quick wins in the grounds of our 4 industry verticals (Health & Wellness, Mobility, Industry 4.0 and Utilities). Among the top corporations represented we counted with Idneo, Iberostar Group, Novartis, Port de Barcelona and Canon among others.

The results of this working sessions are now ready to be presented as the challenges that will thread the new edition. It is now the turn of Universities and research centers to answer our call for technologies giving answer to these challenges.

And with further ado, meet The Collider 2019-2020 challenges:



Enhancing efficiency, accessibility and sustainability to improve people’s lives