Last Friday the nerves were on edge at the office. Not in vain, it was the day which marked the end of the programme’s first phase, known as Opportunity Validation. A selected group of 14 experts populated the first three rows of the presentation space awaiting to hear each team pitch the results of their hard work during the past 5 weeks.

The investor’s committee was formed of a mixture between private and public representatives, corporations, investors and successful entrepreneurs, all covering The Collider’s 4 industry verticals (Utilities, Health & Wellness, Mobility and Industry 4.0). The committee’s mission was to assess as objectively as possible 6 key areas for each project: value proposal, market, protectability, MVP development plan, business & financial plan and team.

All Collider teams had as little as 12 minutes to convince the jury that their project was worth becoming a startup and therefore, accessing the Mobile World Capital’s initial funding and fulfilling the next Venture Building phase. The rehearsals on the previous days had already set a high standard; the feedback from colleagues and tutors paving the road for the jury’s most inquisitive questions to come.

In the end, the session underwent smoothly and in a timely manner. The team’s performance was outstanding, concealing any apparent nerves if there were. Regardless of the outcome, one could feel the sense of achievement in the air; also the pride on each tutor’s faces, who have followed the projects since the very first blank page in the business plans.

The 4th of March will be the first day of the Venture Building phase, lasting up till the end of June when we will celebrate the closure of the programme with a festive Demoday. But first, next week’s Mobile World Congress will rejoin every single participant in this edition for a dose of keynotes, networking and beers. Check out what The Collider has to offer at the Mobile World Congress 19. Hoping to meet you all at the Congress next week, we leave you with a selection of photographs from last Friday’s demoday.