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BlueNet Oncampus entrepreneurship in the blue economy


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In January 2022, a program begins to explore, accompany and develop the capacity to reach the market of research groups linked to the sea.

The R+D+I Maritime Catalan Network, also known as BlueNetCAT, is made up of 64 research groups integrated in the UB, UAB, UPC, UdG, URV, CSIC and IRTA. Their common denominator is their specialization en the different social and technological vessants of the maritime orbit. Thus, the scientists it brings together work, among others, in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture, marine biotechnology, operational oceanography, marine engineering, renewable energies, tourism and shipbuilding.


One of the BLUENETCAT’S missions is to encourage and promote technology transfer in the Blue Economy sector. In this context , the network considered it appropriate to carry out an entrepreneurship program that would enhance interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. Due to its strong emphasis on the detection of potentially transferable solutions and the subsequent creation of spins-offs, the proposal of an entrepreneurship training program specialized in the blue economy sectors proposed by THE COLLIDER-MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL BARCELONA was selected by the network.


The BlueNet Oncampus program, developed in January and February 2022, aims to explore, accompany, and develop the ability to reach the market of solutions developped by a selection of member groups of the Catalan network. According to the terms of the call, the five-week intensive itinerary taught by The Collider in online format is aimed at 8 research groups interested in testing the transferability of their solutions to society.


BlueNet OnCampus provides a series of training sessions and inspiring lectures, as well as specialized mentoring. its Demo Day session will be held in Barcelona as part of 4YFN mark, during the Mobile World Congress.


On December 16, during the open project application phase, ClimateTrade’s co-founder and the UN Policy advisor José Lindo, gave an open lecture entitled ‘’Blue Carbon: the vital role of the blue economy in the climate emergency”. However, the formal start of the BlueNet OnCampus is scheduled for January 19.