What we do

We promote the science-based entrepreneurship and innovation in Catalonia

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The Entrepreneurial Scientific Community is a space for collaboration and connection for researchers, scientific institutions, companies and entrepreneurs who work with science, technologies and their market application.

The Community allows the exchange of learning, the generation of an entrepreneurial culture, collaboration with the productive sectors and bringing technology and innovation to the market.

Our target members
Find useful science and technology for your innovation challenges.
Validate your scientific projects with the market.
Promote your initiatives for scientists and companies.
Find new tech/science-based ventures to support them with your knowledge.

Upcoming Events

Comunitat Científica Emprenedora a la Catalunya Central

Comunitat Científica Emprenedora a la Catalunya Central

La Comunitat Científica Emprenedora vol esdevenir un espai de col·laboració i connexió per a investigadors, institucions científiques, empreses i emprenedores que treballen al voltant de la ciència, la tecnologia i el mercat.
Nov 2, 2021