Our most important mission is to bring Universities and Research Centres closer to the Industry. In this way, the advancements made by scientists can be directly applied and tested in the business world. Bridging the gap between these two worlds will not only benefit the society and our day-to-day but will as well help research to delve deeper into the investigation.

What we offer

Helping to bridge the gap between the science and the market

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That is why we organize seminars to introduce the Lean LaunchPad approach into the local scientific ecosystem. This method helps universities to assess the viability of the commercialization of new technologies through building entrepreneurial ventures.

It became the gold standard for innovation and entrepreneurial training. It was adopted by the US National Science Foundation and deployed throughout the universities, colleges and new venture teams.

Find the Train the Trainers FAQ document.

Find the oficial video of 2021 edition.

In a nutshell

  • 2-day seminar that provides orientation to the methodology

  • Designed for Technology Transfer Offices and Innovation Managers from research institutions

  • Provides introduction to frameworks such as the Business Model Canvas, and processes such as Customer Discovery and Validation.


Founder and Instructor

Senior Fellow at the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship
Haas School of Business
University of California – Berkeley


Jerome is a veteran of Solicon Valley. After a successful career advising and founding entrepreneurial ventures, he joined the University of California at Berkeley in 1991 to found the Lester Centre for Entrepreneurship.


Founder and Instructor