What we offer

Added-value portfolio

Through smart capital investments, The Collider Portfolio start-ups obtain benefits from our specific platform

Benefits of being part of our Portfolio

Start-ups that are part of The Collider portfolio benefit from the following The Collider resources:

  • Strategy sessions to refine the your start-up’s business model.
  • Mentoring on setting up the company, including the cost of structuring the operation, drawing up partners’ agreements, overseeing the technology transfer license contracts and drawing up the convertible participating loan agreement between the new company and mVenturesBcn.
  • Expert advice on raising funds to hold private capital financing rounds, corporate structures and investment documents.
  • Preferential access to MWCapital’s network of investors and venture capital. This includes networks of business angels, crowdfunding platforms, professional investors and family offices as well as domestic and international venture capital.
  • Incubation space in the mVenturesBcn offices, located in Pier 01, free for 6 months after Phase 3 is over.
  • Access to MWCapital’s network of contacts to help open new B2B commercial opportunities with potential corporate clients to conduct validations and pilot tests in industry.
  • Access to the platform The Collider Alumni, to use special conditions for business acceleration solutions (PERKs) agreed with the Programme’s partner entities. A non-exhaustive list of examples includes providers of cloud and computing services, experts in incentives and public financing, prototyping and product development, strategy consultants, sales force outsourcing, consultancies, legal and labour consultants and experts in protecting intellectual property.
  • Participation in events with investors organized directly by MWCapital (The Collider Investors Day) or in which MWCapital participates, such as 4YFN Barcelona (MWCongress).
  • Connection with vertical acceleration programmes such as Biocat, Wayra, Gohub, KIC-Innoenergy and EIT-Health.
  • Visibility in traditional and online media along with MWC.

The Collider Portfolio Startups

Health & Wellness

Industry 4.0

Energy and Sustainability

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