What is PUZZLE X?

The first initiative where Frontiers Materials and Sustainable Development Goals collide, something that did not exist until recently and is now a reality.

PUZZLE X is the first global initiative, event, entrepreneurial and venture hub and the collision grounds of ideas, innovation and solutions for Frontier Materials Deep Tech + SDG.

The first event and 365 day ecosystem builder to go beyond Science for the sake of science, science for the sake of commercialization and focus on material science Deep Tech for the sake of SOCIETAL IMPACT.

This initiative is promoted by AMPT, Fira Barcelona and Mobile World Capital Barcelona through its innovation programme The Collider.

When we refer to Frontier Materials, we are talking about any material engineered, processed or synthesized, to provide enhancement in functionality or presents novel properties compared to conventional materials for a given application in a specific industry, such as:

    Designed and engineered materials with unique photonic and optoelectronic properties.
    Synthetic materials that are inspired by nature.
    Atomically thin materials such as Graphene.
    Materials that exhibit exciting phenomena with unique electronic and magnetic properties.

The PUZZLE X initiative is based in two main activities:

PUZZLE X is more than an event

It is an opportunity to enable the materials of the future to help our world today.

Be part of the revolution. Join the event!