Digital Health Report
Towards a new health paradigm


The aim of this report is to shed light on some of the opportunities presented by the digital transformation of the health industry, a transformation that, in view of the data and the experts consulted, is not only positive but necessary.

To show the map of opportunities presented by Digital Health, we present a brief review of how and the conditions under which the Spanish healthcare system is being developed, and in turn the speed at which the Digital Health ecosystem is growing.

We’ll look at some of these cutting-edge technologies, but first, we’ll put the spotlight on the outsiders of the sector: large technology firms and small start-ups that are taking up positions in the industry and are proving to be key pieces in its transformation.

The complexity of this industry now under the magnifying glass makes it difficult to clearly outline where it is going, but we hope that the stated ideas help your firms to gain a general understanding of the huge opportunities related to innovation and Digital Health.
The data collected in the report from Biocat (2017) has an update that can be consulted here: BioRegion of Catalonia 2020.
Technology transfer is key to supporting and stimulating the emergence of Digital Health projects. Contact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem is awakening our curiosity around the possibilities offered by new technologies of contributing maximum value to patients.
Jose Marcilla, Director General of Novartis Oncology
Digital Health Opportunities
Digital Health Report