Technology Transfer Report
Discover the challenges and opportunities of the Spanish innovation ecosystem


The Collider Tech Transfer Report analyzes the state of the Spanish innovation ecosystem, the importance of technology transfer and the new opportunities it offers for economic and social well-being. The report also analyzes international best practices and the success factors that various stakeholders should consider for a fruitful collaboration between science and business. This report emphasizes the current state of R&D in Spain and a range of opportunities that tech transfer opens to the entire innovative ecosystem, in the country that is part of the world elite in scientific production.

The technological transfer is presented as an innovation opportunity of incalculable value. Adopting a technology transfer strategy is to bet on a local, prestigious and high-quality value. For this reason, taking advantage of all the scientific talent of Spain should be an obligation for all of us who are part of the innovation ecosystem.
We are aware of the great potential in promoting collaboration between academia and the business world to ensure all disruptive technologies generated in research centres become reach the market.
Emilio Martínez Gavira Corporate Entrepreneurship Manager, Enagás
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Technology Transfer Report