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The Collider celebrates Investors Day 2022


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The programme presents the startups from its portfolio to investors


Accelerating startup growth 

The Collider, the Mobile World Capital Barcelona innovation programme, celebrated Investors Day 2022, the annual event to present the startups from its portfolio to an international network of VC investors, business angels, and corporate venture capitals. 


Daniel Gonzálvez, Portfolio & Investment Manager of The Collider, highlighted the advantages of the innovation programme: “The basic premise of The Collider is science. We help scientific technology and tech solutions become leading startups in their sectors”. Gonzálvez also thanked the investors present for “their support in the creation, guidance and validation process of the projects to ensure their success in the marketplace”.  

Seven projects involving disruptive technologies 

Seven startups from The Collider’s portfolio presented their projects to investors: 

  • Jesús Fernandez, COO of eRoots: eRoots is an integrated software to manage the most critical analysis and simulation tasks of companies involved in the large-scale monitoring and management of electricity grids. The current geopolitical situation will speed up the generation of renewable electricity, and eRoots technology will increase the precision of the sector at a much lower calculation cost. eRoots is developing a pilot project with Red Eléctrica.    
  • Leon Rizzi, CEO of JOLT: JOLT has developed and patented a technology to promote the green hydrogen market. The company offers an extremely fast method of producing self-supporting electrodes for their use in electrolysers and fuel cells that produce hydrogen. This technology increases the energy efficiency of electrolysers and fuel cells, provides electrodes with increased durability and strength, and offers a faster manufacturing process at lower production costs.  
  • Ramon Jimenez, CEO of UniScool:UniScool offers a cross-cutting cooling solution to deal with the thermal issues of data processing centres, electronic devices, photovoltaic panels and electric vehicles. Its patented liquid refrigeration technology reduces electricity consumption by 30 to 70% and increases the reliability and useful life of components by up to 20%. UnisCool plans to launch pilot projects with companies such as Mediacloud, Intel, Ingeteam and WallBox
  • David Ciudad, CEO of Deep Detection. Deep Detection has developed a spectral X-ray camera for real-time scanning that provides a clearer image at high speeds. The company solves one of the greatest problems for the food industry: detecting low-density foreign bodies. In 2021, Deep Detection launched 10 pilot projects with X-ray camera manufacturers and international companies from the food and beverage industry. In 2022 it plans to sign business agreements with inspection machine manufacturers. 
  • Javier Achiaga, CEO of Cooling Photonics. The company has developed and patented a refrigeration technology based on the natural radiative cooling process through which all bodies regulate their temperature. The technology reduces the temperature by 5 to 20 ºC, depending on the properties of the material, without consuming energy and with zero emissions. Its primary application is the thermal regulation of machines and buildings, and its efficiency is particularly noteworthy in electronics, machinery, and photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy production. Cooling is developing pilot projects with Mercedes Benz and Agbar. 
  • Quique Laudet, CEO of Ephion Health. Ephion Health is a digital health platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the evolution of patients with diseases and disorders that affect mobility. Its software integrates health data from different wearables to offer a unique, complete reading through automatic learning. The solution saves on resources and time in clinical studies, treatments, and functional tests. Ephion Health plans to sell its first product certified as a Medical Device in early 2023, and to continue with a new one every 6 months. 
  • Teresa Tarragó, CEO of EXHEUS. EXHEUS offers the first commercial DTC genetic test in the world that analyses the complete RNA sequence in the blood samples of healthy and sick people. The solution uses applied artificial intelligence to compile and analyse the information on the 22,000 genes of the human body to offer tailor-made recommendations regarding lifestyle or to correct anomalies that affect the body. In 2021, EXHEUS launched pilot projects with FC Barcelona and Clínica Asunción, and in 2022 it is focusing on growing in Spain and expanding into the US market.

Over 30 investors and corporate venture capitals 

The seventh The Collider Investors Day involved over 30 investors, business angels and corporate venture capitals from Spain, Europe, Israel and the American continent. 


These included Cristina Ventura, Founder of Ventura X Ventures; Javier Megias, Startup Director at Bankinter; Jaime de Antonio, Impact Investment Associate at Ship2b Ventures; Marc Sabas, Investment Director at Ship2b Ventures; Julián Gallardo, New Business Development Manager at Mondragon Centro de Promoción; Eduardo Pérez, Analyst at Clave Mayor; Diana Fuentes, Investment Analyst at Socios Inversores; José Carlos Huerta, Head of Venture Capital program analysis at Bankinter; Francisco Badia, Founding partner of Grow Venture Partners; Mayid Shawi, Manager of 3D Printing Programs at HP; David Blasco, Founder of Accelgrow (Club Inversores de la Ingeniería); Germán Lasa, CMO at Tecnalia Ventures; Carles Florensa Torné, CEO at Catalana d’Inversions 98; Isaac Tomás, Funding Project Manager at Acció; Xavier Simó, President of Inlea; Sarah Luppino, Investors in M Ventures; Jan Willems, Early Stage Advisor at Ship2B Ventures; Roberto Gómez, Corporate Venturing Programs Manager at Elewit; Francisco Berlanga, Venture Partner at Big Sur Ventures; Maria Perez-Hernandez, Investment Analyst at Adara Ventures, Diego Martínez Folgado, Analyst at Clave Mayor; Sandra Blázquez Borrás, Senior Investment Associate at Repsol; Silvia Pérez, Open Innovation Expert at Repsol; Lars  Boehnisch, Investment Manager at Evonik Venture Capital; María Francisca Cao Romo, Head of Innovation at Naturgy; Marta Alsinella, Director of EconomistesBAN; Ruben Colomer, Investment Manager at GoHub; Santiago Molina Mora, Analyst at Business Angels Network Catalunya (BANC); Carlota Riba Galí, Consultant at Business Angels Network Catalunya (BANC) and Gala Maturana, Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing.