Finalists of Call for Technologies 2022

From The Collider every year we select the 15 projects that best solve the challenges of the industry and invite them to participate in the program. For this reason, The Collider awards a distinction of €2,000 to each of these 15 selected projects with the aim of promoting the validation of science with industry.

In this edition, more than 100 corporations have participated in the definition of industrial challenges that will seek to be resolved by the projects that will participate in this edition and with which they will interact to validate their value propositions or carry out pilot tests.

This year we have received a hundred technological projects from the Health, Industry, Agrifood, Energy and Mobility sectors in technological fields such as AI, IoT, BigData, MedicalDevice, BioTech, of which the following 15 have been selected:

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March 23, 2022


Health and Wellness


iFABCell offers a platform of smart biomaterials, and adaptable to different needs, capable of allowing a non-aggressive, efficient and controlled growth and detachment of cells.

IBEC – ElderUp

AI-based assistant for Early detection of depression in Elderly people


Autonomous, portable, hands-free AMBU (Airway Mask Bag Unit) resuscitator that leaves the hands free in the medical emergency room in order to perform other tasks on the patient; increasing volume and CO2 exchange and reduce work-fatigue during maneuver.


App to help with the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to vertigo by healthcare professionals (with algorithm and videos) that guide the professional, validated content. 2. A device that adapts to any mobile phone, to help detect nystagmus, a decisive sign in the diagnosis of vertigo, prototype made, pending validation. 3. A telematic theoretical-practical course, validated in a clinical trial.


A computational application to assist the rehabilitation of subjects with neuromuscular diseases. The subject interacts with the application through a depth camera, which captures his/her movement. For now, it consists of six exercises and seven games.


Biodetection dogs that identify volatile molecular compounds and biomarkers indicative of pathologies. This provides the basis for early detection, development of treatments and calibration of detection devices.




We design and manufacture unique ultrasonic sensors that enable their use without any contact with the sample. Our technology stands out for its performance, which allows us to design a wide range of applications in many fields where commercial ones can’t.


CPS is a cost-effective water quality monitoring strategy based on a Ceramic Passive Sampler device to better evaluate the presence of contaminants and emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment to comply with the actual and future Regulations.

UC3M – 6GSi

Wireless communications need to move at higher frequency bands seeking wider bandwidt. Current instrumentation relies on standard RF interfaces that either do not reach high enough, or dont support wide bandwidth.


Environmental community for odor detection and monitoring.


Aridditive initiative aims to change the way buidings and concrete parts are designer and made by developing, manufacturing and comercializing concrete 3D printers with the IP developed at CIM UPC after participating in several projects in this area.


A holo portation system consists of body capture, encoding, transmission and renderization of participants into the VR world. Our software helps to increase the number of participants applying techniques to reduce drastically computational and bandwidth.


Energy and Utilities

URV – NanoChronia

Our Project consists of the fabrication and deployment of a sensor network able to operate under harsh conditions such as industrial environments or intensive farms (for example pork farms). Such sensors can monitor ammonia, H2S, and hydrogen.


The seismic detection system will allow seismic waves generated by any earthquake near or far from the detection site to be detected in any environment, informing the population of the danger to which they are exposed.




IrriDesk is a software system that allows 3rd party web platforms offer irrigation control services to their customers.