What do we offer

Project your scientific talent into the market and society by fostering your entrepreneurial spirit

We transfer the impact of your laboratory research into the market and society.

To do this, we connect you with seasoned entrepreneurs, building highly functional teams that combine the strengths of the scientific and business worlds resulting in deep-tech startups.

Who are we looking for?

  • Principal investigators and postdoctoral researchers seeking to apply their academic career in the business world and impact society with their research applied into a market reality.

  • Demonstrated experience in Artificial Intelligence & Data Platforms, XR/3D, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Hardware & Robotics, Medical Devices, New Materials and/or 5G.

  • Projects validated by the leader of the research team or a collaboration agreement between The Collider and the university or research centre.

The Collider Award

We select the 15 best projects solving industry challenges and invite them to take part in the programme.


We focus on the technologies’ maturity stage, meaning that we reward the projects that are developed enough to start piloting and testing. Entering to The Collider helps universities and research institutions apply and test their scientific know-how in real life.


Apart from entering the programme, each scientific project also receives €2000 financial help from the Ministry of Business and Knowledge of Catalan Government to cover transportation, subsistence allowance, accommodation or any other expenses occurred as a result of participating in The Collider.


Corporate Partners


The programme is divided into 2 main phases. The first one is called Opportunity Validation and it sees all teams trying to prove the market’s true interest in their technological solution. The second phase is called Venture Building and it hosts successful teams from the previous phase, which go through startup incorporation and development of their industry pilots.
This is NOT a regular paid job offer, but an opportunity to found your own deep-tech company. Only the teams that successfully pass the full programmewill be incorporated into a startup and receive a salary at their own discretion. The actual value for participants comes in form of company ownership, reaching up to 70% shares exclusively for the entrepreneurial team.
We are looking for senior entrepreneurs (5-10 years) eager to tackle a new project with outstanding organizational, leadership and problem-solving skills. Also holding several years of experience in business development and team leadership. Candidates without entrepreneurial experience are encouraged to join the COO offer instead.
TThe Investment Committee takes place at the very end of the programme and is formed of external and internal sectorial specialists. They will hear all project pitches and decide which ones move on to become a startup with The Collider’s support.
All teams endorsed by the Investment Committee will receive a seed-investment of up to 50.000€, to face incorporation and execute their industry pilots. This funding will be provided in different installments based on each team’s performance.
As part of The Collider, all participants will receive a free full pass to 4YFN and entry on the last day to the Mobile World Congress. We encourage teams to take this opportunity to arrange as many meetings possible to prove the industry’s interest in their solution.
All startups that fulfill the whole programme, become part of The Collider’s portfolio, enjoying a wide range of benefits including office space and access to the Mobile World Capital’s network of corporations, investors and experts.